Day 9

After my money started disappearing, always blamed on the excuse that he had to buy supplies for work and they’d reimburse me, the ex-fiancée started losing jobs left and right. First it was the restaurant, his reason was that money was stolen from the safe and because he was the manager on duty that night he got fired. I became extremely stressed out because now I was the sole provider. And I started drinking more. The wedding plans were coming along. I had my dress. My parents put a down payment on the venue. He got a job landscaping and eventually his sister was able to help him get a job at a pizza place as a manager.

And then one day I got a call from the apartment complex, the cops were looking for him. Huh? He was supposed to be at work?

Turns out he was spending a couple of weeks sleeping while he should have been working. He got fired again and he didn’t want to tell me.

But now the cops were looking for him. Coincidentally he showed up to my work with flowers shortly after the phone call from the apartment complex. I don’t even remember what he said, I was too busy thinking about how I was once again going to support us and pay for a wedding.

Through all of this stress, my drinking and eating helped me pack on 40 lbs onto my once 110 lb frame. My wedding gown was a size 12. I’d never been a size 12 anything before in my life.

But it just so happened that the local university was conducting a weight loss study and it couldn’t have happened at a better time! I could lose weight for the wedding!

My first weight in was March 2008. 155 lbs. The researcher who weighed me in was cute. My age. It was D.

The concept was eating 1200 calories a day and doing moderate exercise five days a week for 30 minutes.

The weight started dropping and the ex-fiancé got a job with his dad. Thankfully he most likely wouldn’t get fired or steal. But something more earth shattering was heading my way.


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