Day 10

My visit with my new psychiatrist was amazing. It was everything I ever wanted in a visit with a mental health provider. She asked all the right questions, didn’t need to hear long explanations, no “how does that make you feel?”, she cut right to the chase. I had no wrong answers, she made me feel as if anxiety and depression is the norm.

Moral of the story is she diagnosed me with panic disorder and agoraphobia. Plan of action: just up my Celexa by 10mg! I’m so glad she didn’t layer. And with getting my anxiety under control I should see an improvement with not wanting to drink to deal with my anxiety. But it’s also in how I decide to distract myself and find healthier ways of coping.

I’m so excited to see how my body responds and to move forward.

As I write this, I’m enjoying a brunch with Tootsie who is asleep at my fave brunch spot and I’m loving the alone time. We hired a nanny service as well, which normally would send me into a tailspin of worry and anxiety but I’m so tired and desperate for alone time (Hi, my name is Shan and I’m an only child) that I’ve gotten to the point of fuck it. Thankfully, Mr. Man loved the nanny and now we just have to get Tootsie onboard (stranger danger) so D and I can have child-free date nights again! For a couple of hours anyway.


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