Day 1…again

In my challenge to stay sober I have tried a few different avenues.

1) Acupuncture: wow. I didn’t expect to feel so AMAZING afterwards. The doctor treated me for depression, anxiety and drinking. She gave me an ear seed for anxiety and some magnesium for before bed. The ear seed lasted a week and I didn’t notice any big difference. I have yet to try the magnesium. But I’ll definitely back to do more acupuncture coupled with reiki.

2) Back to my psychiatrist. She upped my Celexa to 40mg to see how I do with that before moving on to other options. I’ve been having increasingly vivid dreams where I wake up and feel like I can’t breathe or I wake up having a major panic attack. And two weekends ago I went to the ER with weird symptoms; a crinkling in my chest, nausea, left arm numbness. It came on all of a sudden in the checkout line at Target. Which worried me because Target is my happy place. I didn’t want to have a heart attack at MY Target and never be able to go back and have to trek to a different Target. Not today, satan. So off we went to the ER because better safe than sorry. My dad died of an apparent heart attack, as did my maternal grandfather so I’m a little wary. After an EKG, X Ray, CT and labs; nada. Everything looked completely normal. But D and I wondered if maybe it was a panic attack. Even though my head and thoughts were calm, my body was still reacting. And then it happened again this past weekend while I stood in line at Starbucks. Again, my happy place. Not today, satan. Not today. So I chocked it up to anxiety and will just press on when I feel the crinkling feeling come on.

So far, the 40mg of Celexa has been great. And I’ll be making an appointment for acupuncture and reiki for next week!

I’ve also started the 30 Day Sobriety Solution. And I’m LOVING it. But more on that later!


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